Catchment and Wetland Science Seminar Series

Fall 2021 Seminar Series: Poster with dark green text with a background photo of sub-arctic peat plateau vegetation advertising “Catchment and Wetland  Science Seminar Series, presented by the UAlberta CAWS Lab.”  Maria Elisa Sanchez Garces, University of Saskatchewan, speaking October 1, 2:00 PM MT: “A reciprocal transplant experiment reveals insights into C sequestration in mountain peatlands with differing winter conditions”  Laura Chasmer, University of Lethbridge, speaking October 22, 10:00 AM MT: “Earth Observations: Quantifying boreal peatland conditions and change at scales relevant for policy”  Mike Peacock, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, speaking November 19, 2021, 10:00 AM MT: “The importance of methane emissions from small artificial waterbodies”

Registration for the Zoom presentations:

María Elisa Sánchez Garcés, October 1, 2:00 PM:

Laura Chasmer, October 22, 10:00 AM:

Mike Peacock, November 19, 10:00 AM:


Spring 2021 Seminar Series: 

Catchment and Wetland Sciences Speaker series

Sara Sayedi

Dolly Kothawala

Claire Griffin

Fall 2020 Seminar Series: 


Avni Malhotra

Bianca Rodríguez-Cardona

Scott Davidson